The VW Golf is known for its endurance - 34 years and fitter than ever - and when the sixth generation was about to be launched in 2008, we created an online campaign that became the word of the mouth in Norway.


The idea was to create an endurance competition, built around the classic advertising concept where the one who holds his hand the longest on an object, wins it!

Since the campaign was on the Internet it became "Keep your cursor on the car for the longest time - and win it". The campaign was divided into two stages - qualifications and finals. We also created a third stage for all the spectators who wanted to keep an eye on the contestants.




Because of technical reasons the finals had a maximum capacity of 200 contestants, and therefore it was necessary to hold qualifications.

Banners showing mouse cursors hovering over the car, saying "Hold on to the car and win it!", attracted many to take part in a quiz with VW-related questions.

The 10 best each day qualified for the finals. One contestant tried to qualify over 700 times, unsuccessfully. Out of compassion for his efforts we let him slip through.



The finals

Before the finals kicked off the finalists received tips and rules about the competition. The level of excitement was so high that our administrator got plenty to do, but this was nothing compared to the when the finals started.

In short, the finalists had to keep their cursor on the car at all times - except for a five minute toilet break once an hour.



The finals

If the cursor went outside the car you were given a warning. On the third warning you where evicted from the competition.



The finals

To make sure they really sat in-front of their computers, the finalists had to answer correctly within a given time-limit various questions from the hostess which were sent at random intervals.

The hostess could also ask how they felt, also requiring a response within a time-limit. Their answer was visible to the spectators, like: "I feel very tired".



The finals

The finalists had their own menu showing the status of the competition and the competitors and since the mouse was occupied, all navigation was keyboard driven.

Using the menu with their keyboard they could send messages to friends asking them to come to the spectator stage to give support in the form of in-game messages.



The finals

We also created distractions for the finalists like the hostess appearing ready for bed (since the finalists were really tired). She could also appear with food or straight from the shower. Basically everything the finalists were not able to do themselves.



The finals

The most rewarding thing for the finalists to see was when another user was evicted from the competition for failure to answer correctly or having too many warnings. When this happened their cursor would grow angel wings and fly up to cursor-heaven. This was visible to the finalists and the spectators.


The spectator stage

On this stage friends of the finalists and others interested could check how many hands were on the car at any time. They could also read their profiles in the finalists-gallery.



The spectator stage

Spectators could cheer them on by sending in-game messages. Other people sent taunting messages, also part of the game.

There were also web-ads that showed live information from the competition.



The winner!

The finals lasted over three weeks! The last one standing showed a level of endurance worthy of the VW Golf that she had just won!